Special Needs

Early intervention helps your child work towards meeting developmental milestones and helps your child catch up and thrive in school as well as in life as a whole. A service coordinator from the early intervention program will help set up and schedule services.

In our inclusive classrooms, special needs students will be in the general education classrooms periodically throughout the day. They then attend one or two therapy sessions to ensure successful classroom integration with typically developing students.

Individual education plan (IEP) is the process where educators, support personnel, and parents work together as a team to develop outcomes or goals based on a student’s current needs and skills.

The assigned educator will present to parents a customised IEP which is aligned with Aurora’s bespoke research-based curriculum.  The customised curriculum will revolve around Aurora’s SMART components:

  • Specific : Assigning specific and clear goals.
  • Measurable : Ensuring that all goals assigned are measurable, through observation or data tracking.
  • Attainable : Ensuring that all goals are attainable based on the student’s learning needs and skills.
  • Relevant : Ensuring that all goals are relevant to the student’s unique needs and skills.
  • Time Bound : Ensuring that all goals are measurable over a period of time.

You will be able to monitor your child’s daily activities and progress via the School2Me (S2M) app. The student’s assigned class teacher will send out the daily report along with photos of the student’s activities for the day. Parents will also be kept updated on their overall mood, appetite during snack time as well as diaper changes or their potty-training progress!

On top of that, our educators will use the ABC data method to record and track the student’s learning and behaviour throughout the lessons.

Our special needs curriculum draws inspiration and implements various methods such as the highly successful US-based Son-Rise Programme, the very reliable data tracking method in Applied Behaviour Analysis as well the Hanen Approach for speech and language development.

All of the educators and therapists in our centre are licensed and trained in these various methodologies which enables them to come up with a more holistic Individual Education Plan (IEP) that truly caters to your child’s unique needs and skill sets.

When it comes to special education, one of the most vital elements throughout the entire journey is the dedicated educators, occupational/speech therapists, and most importantly placing the parent as the child’s #1 resource in providing a consistent and compelling focus for training, education, and inspiration.