The people in Aurora Early Years contribute towards creating a stimulating, safe, and conducive environment for our students. Therefore, Aurora Early Years is constantly on the lookout for patient and nurturing individuals who enjoy bringing the best out of children. 

If you are passionate about helping children become the best that they can be, reach out to our Human Resources Department at to learn about our current vacancies.

Aurora Early Years educators received their training from local and overseas institutions to bring the best out of the students. Our educators participate in continuous professional development programmes as required by the Government. On top of that, Aurora Early Years conducts knowledge sharing sessions with the experts and in-house training so everyone is kept updated with the latest development, methods, technologies, and findings.

Aurora Early Years also welcomes qualified therapists passionate about early childhood development work to make learning an enjoyable journey for our students with special needs. This includes professionals in the fields of speech therapy, communication therapy, and early childhood education.

Passionate teaching assistants help Educators implement the programmes for children at Aurora Early Years. Teaching assistants support lead Educators also act as extra eyes and ears in monitoring how children interact with each other and adapt to the lessons.

School custodians help ensure Aurora Early Years’s indoor and outdoor environment remains safe, clean, and tidy for the children, staff, and visitors.

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